Egg Recall Food Poisoning

Have You Suffered Salmonella Food Poisoning Due to the Egg Recall?

The personal injury attorneys at Nagelberg Bernard Law Group are helping receive justice for food poisoning victims in California. If you have fallen ill after eating eggs contaminated with Salmonella bacteria you may have a valid case! Victims of Salmonella food poisoning related to the egg recall may be able to receive compensation for enduring pain and suffering due to the negligence of Wright County Egg and Hillandale Farms.

The Egg Recall has resulted in thousands of people in California and across the nation suffering the vicious illnesses associated with Salmonella food poisoning. Wright County Egg and Hillandale Farms of Iowa have recalled over 500 million eggs from grocery store shelves, restaurants, and households in 17 states. The owner of the two Iowa farms has a long history of violating food safety regulations, environmental laws, labor laws and cruelty to animals.

The government has stepped up its effort to ensure food safety through several public outreach programs orchestrated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA has posted guidelines on how to identify bad eggs involved in the egg recall. Information on suppliers and distributors involved in the bad eggs recall is also provided.

Nagelberg Bernard Law Group is organizing a thorough independent investigation into the egg suppliers negligence and food safety violations. Our expert Personal Injury Attorneys plan to file lawsuits on behalf of egg recall victims in California. The lawyers of Nagelberg Bernard Law Group are actively reaching out to salmonella food poisoning victims.

If you or a loved one have fallen ill after eating bad eggs, contact the attorneys at Nagelberg Bernard Law Group to determine if you have a valid egg recall claim.

Legal Experts Are Available 24/7 to Provide Free Confidential Legal Consultations on Your Food Poisoning Personal Injury Claim 1-800-250-7960

Salmonella poisoning may require medical attention if debilitating symptoms occur. Anyone with questions or health concerns about the egg recall should visit or contact the Egg Safety Media Hotline at (404) 367-2761.

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Truck Smashes House and Kills Three People

It looks like the aftermath of an action movie. A truck fully loaded with gravel careened off a highway this Tuesday morning in Santa Barbara and it ended up crushing a house. The tragic auto accident also ended up killing three people.

The double tractor trailer was heading southbound on highway 154 near the 101 freeway. The truck crashed into four other vehicles then careened down a driveway into a house on State Street. There were three people in the house during the time of the accident and California authorities say the house was completely destroyed on impact.

The local fire department declared the man and woman in the house dead on the scene. After an hour of searching the remains of the house they found a dead child as well. The victims have not been identified to the public yet. The driver of the truck was treated for minor facial injuries.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation but initial reports state that the trucks brakes may have failed. It would be no surprise as the truck was full to the brim with heavy gravel; this would cause warn brakes to easily fail. Take this tragedy as a precaution for vehicle maintenance. Any run away vehicle can cause large amounts of damage so checking your brakes form time to time is a must. We will post updates on this story here on our Los Angeles personal injury lawyer website once they come up.

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Quiet Eco-Cars Causing Pedestrian Accidents

Toyota Motor Company has decided to add artificial noise to their cars in response to the uptick in pedestrians being hit by ultra quiet hybrid cars. King5 News reported that the next generation of the Toyota Prius will come with the option of installing a speaker system that emits an electrical humming sound to warn pedestrians of the approaching hybrid car.

The speaker system will go on sale for about $150 and is expected to dramatically decrease the amount of pedestrian accidents on city streets. The blind especially bear the biggest risk of being hit by quiet eco-cars. According to the Department of Transportation, the chance of a pedestrian being hit by a hybrid car is more than double the national average. With the baby-boomer generation approaching retirement, the elderly generation will require audible safety measures to ensure they do not fall victim to auto-pedestrian accidents.

Other hybrid car makers are planning to install audible safety mechanisms on their hybrid models. As a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles I am pleased to see extra auto safety measures implemented to protect the lives of pedestrians. The Department of Transportation is in charge of regulating auto safety standards and needs to mandate that audible safety mechanisms be required on future eco-car models.

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Truck Crashes into Santa Barbara House Killing 3

The driver of a gravel truck lost control of his vehicle, killing 3 family members when he crashed into a Santa Barbara home this morning. ABC Local News reported that the truck accident took place around 7am when the gravel trucks brakes gave out. The impact of the out of control truck destroyed the home and instantly killed a man, woman, and child inside.

The truck accident devastated this quaint California neighborhood, leaving a trail of gravel, death and destruction in its wake. Search and rescue teams were frantically trying to find a second child that may have been buried in the rubble. Paramedics treated the truck driver for lacerations to his face.

As a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles I urge motorists to regularly check their vehicles for wear and tear. Brake failure is a danger when driving large trucks. Drivers must properly maintain their autos in order to prevent tragic auto accidents like this from occurring.

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Person Commits Suicide by Metrolink in Anaheim

Most Metrolink / train accidents are just that; accidents. Well today (Tuesday) if you are a commuter in Anaheim you are feeling the effects of the traffic caused by a suicide via Metrolink. That’s right, news says that tragically a person chose to end their life by throwing themselves in front of the Metrolink train this morning in Anaheim. The details are still scarce but here is what we turned up for our Los Angeles personal injury lawyer website.

The 6:05 a.m. incident involved train 601 on the Orange County line on La Palma Avenue between East and Pauline streets, authorities said. The train had just left Anaheim, Metrolink when the incident happened. The Anaheim Police Department stated shortly after appearing at the scene that the accident appeared to be a suicide. The accident caused streets to be closed for several hours as well as a nearby freeway. Orange County Line trains stopped at the Orange station while buses shuttled train passengers around the accident from Anaheim to the Fullerton station. The incident has caused delays throughout Orange County all morning and the 600 Metrolink station has been closed for the day.

If you have any more news or were affected by the incident please leave us a comment on the situation. We will have updates as more news and information comes out.

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Pet Driving Safety Tips: Study Finds Pets a Driving Distraction

Being distracted while driving seems to be very easy these days, so easy that we can no longer talk on the phone while driving because it caused thousands of deaths and accidents. Texting has even been outlawed while driving here in California for the same reason. Soon we may be adding another no no on that list. According to this news report and a AAA study, having “Fido” riding with you while not restrained is just as bad as texting.

Take this stat for example; having your eyes off the road for 2 seconds DOUBLES your chances of getting into an auto accident. This makes any distractions very dangerous, and driving with a pet in the car is now the third worst driving distraction. The volume of people that take their pets along for rides is around 80% and less than a quarter of them actually keep them restrained. Then to top it off most pet owners admit to playing with their pets while driving. It sounds like the making of a disaster and yet very few states have any laws that regulate driving with a pet on board. California is one of them but the law only applies to dogs and the fines are laughable.

The AAA study found that a 10 pound dog that is loose in a car when an accident happens at 50 miles an hour the pet exerts 500 pounds of pressure to whatever is in its way. This is very dangerous for the animal and any passengers in the vehicle. So although California has taken a few steps to stop the potentially dangerous citations you can believe more are coming.

We report on distracted driving accidents on our Los Angeles personal injury attorney website all the time so hopefully these tips will prevent a few our readers from becoming one of our news stories:

- Do not allow your cat to roam freely. Having them sit on your lap or on the dashboard makes them as distracting as cell phones. Transport felines in a travel crate designed specifically for cats.

- Use a pet-designed harness or seat belt to tether your dog. If not, a sudden stop could send it hurtling forward, placing itself and other passengers in danger. Plus, a harness will prevent your dog from other distracting behaviors.

- Don’t let your dog hang its head out a side window. Although amusing, it becomes a driver distraction, and depending on which window, a hindrance to seeing the traffic around you. Plus, it’s not safe for the dog.
This tip may seem odd but it far too often overlooked. Never attach a restraining device to your pet’s collar while inside a vehicle. A pet can literally be strangled to death during an emergency stop.

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Street Racing Car Crash in Long Beach Kills 3

A deadly car crash in Long Beach has left 3 dead and another person hospitalized. ABC Local News reported that the car crash occurred when a Ford Mustang was street racing with a stolen Ford Taurus. Witnesses said the cars collided, sending them spinning out of control. The Mustang car crashed head-on into a road sign throwing the driver and two passengers through the windshield, out of the car.

Police officers apparently arrested the driver and passenger of the crashed Ford Taurus. The two 17 year old boys involved in the car crash were arrested for grand theft auto, reckless endangerment, and according to inside sources may be charged with 2nd degree manslaughter.

Street racing is an extremely dangerous and irresponsible activity that puts motorists at risk of injury or death in a car crash. As a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles I urge people to refrain from speeding and drive responsibly.

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2,500 Sickened in Bad Eggs Recall

California Personal Injury Lawyers File Egg Recall Lawsuits

Already the largest egg recall in world history, millions of Americans are tossing their eggs into the trash instead of a frying pan. Over 500 million bad eggs, possibly tainted by Salmonella bacteria have been recalled thus far. The government has stepped up its effort to ensure food safety through several public outreach programs orchestrated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA has posted guidelines on how to identify bad eggs involved in the egg recall. Information on suppliers and distributors involved in the bad eggs recall is also provided.

Personal injury attorneys in California are preparing egg recall lawsuits against the bad egg suppliers Wright County Egg and Hillendale Egg of Iowa. The two companies have been fined several times in the past for violating health codes, labor laws, and immigration infractions.

The egg recall has extended into 17 states. Personal injury attorneys across the nation are seeking victims of the food poisoning outbreak, claiming the company was negligent in providing reasonable safeguards to protect public health.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has confirmed over 2,500 Salmonella food poisoning cases related to the egg recall. Federal food safety authorities expect the number of Salmonella bacteria victims tied to the egg recall to grow as more individuals come forward to report their illnesses.

Los Angeles personal injury lawyers are actively reaching out to salmonella food poisoning victims. If you or a loved one have fallen ill after eating bad eggs, contact the attorneys at Nagelberg Bernard Law Group to determine if you have a valid egg recall claim. Legal experts are available 24 hours a day to provide Free and Confidential Legal Consultations.

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